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It finally occurred to me that a page that you scroll down indefinitely to see my pony sims wasn’t going to cut it forever, so I gave the girls their own space.  I’ll be adding each one at a time; so far, only Cotton Candy has made it over.  Eventually, everyone will be added, and this page will be deleted.

Thanks for reading, downloading, and generally being awesome!

The Mylipones New Blog


The Mylipones….have nothing whatsoever to do with the Callenders.

Not so long ago, I finally gave in and started playing Sims 3 instead of Sims 2 (AFTER I’d gone to all the trouble of creating a whole town based on the Library I work in, of course.  -_-).  I never intended the Callenders to be a Legacy; I didn’t even KNOW about legacies yet…and when I found out about them, I still resisted actually creating one of my own.  There are days when I wish I’d stuck with that resolve.

But the antics of January…and then February — well, mostly February — proved to be so interesting (to me, anyway) that I couldn’t resist sharing.  Unfortunately, I’m a slow updater, and in gameplay, April has become a teen.  I felt like I was getting too ahead of myself, so I put playing the Callenders on hold for a while to catch up, and created a new Legacy family, the Simptoms.

Then the husband and I moved into our own house (yay!), where we could not afford internet access (boo!).  Therefore, I had to slow down with the Simptoms, as well.

But I have to play Sims.  It’s clearly some sort of an obsession with me.  Thus, the birth of the Mylipones.

The Mylipones are by no means an official legacy; but, by popular demand…ok, because Susan asked to see them and I felt it’s the least I can do for anyone willing to actually invest themselves in the ridiculously verbosely recorded lives of my Sims…I thought it would be fun to put up a few pictures and download links for those interested.  I’ll also include short little minibios, bc God knows how I can just go on and on about things…


The Mylipones are very loosely based on yet another one of my childish obsessions…My Little Ponies.  I started with Generation 1 because I’m old school like that.  Cotton Candy is our lovely foundress.  Each daughter born is named after a corresponding pony; I’m basing the chronology on my all-time favorite Gen1-2 MLP source, Dream Valley.  The youngest daughter born wins heirship, until boy ponies are introduced, anyway.  I recolor all heir offspring according to her namesake, but traits are randomly rolled.  I was also trying to make sure everyone had a corresponding tattoo “cutie mark,” but the game is played as a wishacy and nobody ever wishes for a tattoo (so far), so I forgot.  It took me FOREVER to find skintones; I finally ran across the Berry Sweet Sims and downloaded some pink Sims to steal their coloration for Cotton Candy…of course, Supernatural and all its accompanying glorious skin sliders turned up and made me gnash my teeth in rage (although, as it turned out, I still liked the pink tones I had originally found better, so say la vee).

Well, now that I’ve rambled on for half a page, let’s bring out our lovely ladies!  Just click on the colored names for your downloading pleasure.  🙂


Dramatic, Eccentric, Eco-Friendly, Heavy Sleeper, Party Animal

LTW: Paranormal Profiteer

Cotton Candy begins the legacy of the Mylipones.  For a party animal, Cotton Candy never was very social; it took forever for her to find anyone that she wanted to settle down with…or, well, you know, get knocked up by, which was good enough for me.  She took two trips to China (one by accident; she was so laggy the first time that I swore she’d never go again, but then I accidentally clicked China when I meant to send her to Egypt), made it almost all the way through her LTW, and had aged into an elder once before she finally met someone (after much contemplation, I decided that if she still hadn’t procreated by elderhood, I’d use Master Controller to age her back down into an adult).  She liked very much to toy with me; she kept making wishes to skinny dip with people, which I construed at first to be romantic interests…nope, she just liked to get naked with everyone.  Finally, when she hit middle age, she began wanting to know more about the people around her; she went through a bisexual phase but still didn’t really click with anyone until one day when she ran into Arlo Bunch and spent an entire enchanting evening playing catch with him.  The two hit it off, and, finally, decided to Try for a Baby (thanks, Woohoooer!).  Their illicit shower tryst resulted in daughter Butterscotch.  I was pretty convinced that Butterscotch would of course be heiress; Cotton Candy proved me wrong yet again when she wished for a random townie, Shon Good, to come over.  They autonomously jumped in the sack and produced twin girls, Blossom and Blue Belle.  Color me shocked.  Cotton Candy lived a good long while after the birth of her youngest daughters, but never really had any desire to settle down or even get to know her own offspring.  She completed her LTW and died of old age shortly after the birth of her second grandson.

Cotton Candy has custom hair, and possibly skin tone…I can’t remember if I changed her coloration after Supernatural came out or not; at any rate, I used Fawkes Skin Colors on everyone who isn’t using a Supernatural slider so far.  Supposedly, I also use Rose Sims skin tones, but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore, and I’m not sure that it makes any kind of difference anyway.

Party Animal, Excitable, Mooch, Light Sleeper, Equestrian

LTW: Gold Digger

Butterscotch was a teenager by the time her little sisters came along, so you would think that she’d have been aggravated that she was groomed as heiress all her life, only to be upstaged later by twin babies.  Although she did initially feel somewhat slighted, Butterscotch got over any bitterness she felt pretty quickly, rationalizing that she really just wanted to have fun all the time anyway without having to deal with the pesky business of being a family leader.  However, Butterscotch DID always carry some resentment towards her mother, Cotton Candy, for leaving the twins for Butterscotch to raise practically on her own.  Soon after Blossom and Blue Belle’s birth, Cotton Candy even went on a free vacation, leaving her oldest daughter to manage as best she could.  Butterscotch also had quite a few issues with her father, Arlo Bunch, who never showed any interest in her whatsoever; as a young adult, Butterscotch finally gathered the courage to visit Arlo.  However, Arlo was rude to Butterscotch, who returned the favor by borrowing money before cutting Arlo out of her life for good.

Butterscotch knew early on that she was a lesbian; she became involved with Maxine Sekemoto at their first prom.  By the end of their second prom, the pair had become a steady item.  Butterscotch became pregnant with Maxine’s child soon after graduating from high school.  Following the birth of their son Pocky, Maxine and Butterscotch had a short civil ceremony at Cotton Candy’s home before moving into a condo of their own.  It soon became clear that Maxine wasn’t necessarily committed to a monogamous lifestyle with Butterscotch and was providing favors for half the town; however, Maxine also had quite a bit of money, so Butterscotch chose to overlook her wife’s more unsavory characteristics and gave birth to their second son, Yan Yan.  The pair did eventually divorce after Butterscotch became a vampire while Maxine was a part of the Slayers.

As an elder, Butterscotch, now cured of her vampirism, found love again with young Sonja Ursine.  Not long after Sonja became pregnant, the couple became engaged.  Sonja bore Butterscoch a daughter, Baklava.  Sonja had a second daughter, Tziki, soon after the little family relocated to Moonlight Falls with the rest of the Mylipones.  Butterscotch passed away of old age in the Library of Lore, surrounded by her family.

 Butterscotch’s skin is a Fawkes tone and her hair comes from the Garden of Shadows.

Bookworm, Easily Impressed, Good, Light Sleeper, Mean Spirited

LTW: Vocal Legend

Unlike Butterscotch, Blossom, the most tragic figure of the Mylipone family thus far, always felt like a cast off by her family.  She enjoyed a few brief moments of heirdom before the arrival of her younger twin sister and spent the rest of her life trying to prove that she was just as worthwhile as Blue Belle.  When Blue Belle decided as a child that she wanted to be a Vocal Legend, Blossom followed suit immediately, determined that she would be just as big a star as Blue Belle.  Although more dedicated to her chosen profession than Blue Belle, Blossom lacked the raw talent that her sister possessed; in truth, she also lacked the heart of a performer.  Blossom really only wanted a quiet life with a family of her own.

Blossom finally got her secret wish into her adulthood when she became pregnant with her boyfriend Trenton Wan’s child.  She had a daughter she called Rose, who was only days younger than Blue Belle’s oldest.  After Blue Belle moved in with the father of her children, Blossom and Trenton got married and adopted a puppy, Joy.

Sadly, Blossom’s life took a more tragic turn after the Wan’s moved with the rest of the Mylipones to Moonlight Falls.  The Mylipones had fled from their previous home in Sunset Valley after a terrifying zombie epidemic took over most of the town; to their horror, the zombie crisis followed them to Moonlight Falls where Blossom was claimed as the first victim of zombie rage in front of her family at the community consignment store.

Zombie Rage is part of the nraas Vector set.  It really did a number on my town, so use with caution.

Loner, Slob, Hot Headed, Easily Impressed, Natural Born Performer

LTW: Vocal Legend

Blue Belle had the sheer talent it takes to be a real star; however, she lacked the discipline to do whatever it took to achieve the fame she knew she deserved.  While her older twin, Blossom, was busy busting her hump to break into the local music scene, Blue Belle was more interested in busting up the life of her high school sweetheart Bromwell Ewing than in following through on the sing-a-grams she always felt she was really too good to bother with doing.

Blue Belle met Bromwell, a newcomer to Sunset Valley, at her prom and instantly decided to pursue him as a romantic interest.  Bromwell, on the other hand, was always more domestic at heart and wanted a real family in place of the random hook-ups that were all Blue Belle cared to provide.  Even after Blue Belle became pregnant with Bromwell’s daughter Minty, Blue Belle believed that being a wife would interfere too much with stardom and refused to settle down.  However, when Bromwell finally gave up on Blue Belle and began a relationship with another woman that led to their engagement, Blue Belle became enraged.  She had no qualms about stalking over to Bromwell’s home and claiming what she felt was her’s on the eve of his wedding in front of all of the guests to his bachelor party.  Bromwell, for whatever reason, allowed Blue Belle to seduce him yet again; the result was their son, Spike 2.1.  Sadly, Bromwell’s elderly fiancee died before the wedding; after her death, Bromwell finally presented Blue Belle with an ultimatum: she and the kids would either move in with him so that they could be a real family, or he was through with her for good.  Awed by the sudden presence of Bromwell’s masculinity, Blue Belle consented and even contemplated marriage for a while.  However, she abandoned the idea after the family moved to Moonlight Falls and decided instead to focus on her career in earnest.  After gaining a lot of weight as an elder, Blue Belle finally achieved her goal of being a Vocal Legend…turned out the fans were sick of the usual young, stick-thin divas and really dug Blue Belle’s Mama Cass-ness.  Blue Belle died of old age peacefully in her back yard.

Blue Belle’s hair really isn’t pink, I promise; I think it’s just the lighting in the photo that makes it look that way.

Brave, Absent-Minded, Loner, Heavy Sleeper, Mean Spirited

LTW: Master Acrobat

Blue Belle’s daughter Minty inherited her mother and aunt’s dramatic bug at an early age, quickly deciding that her goal in life would be to become a Master Acrobat.  In no time at all, Minty had ascended several rungs on her career level by performing for tips at Eerie Park in her hometown of Moonlight Falls.  However, like many of the Mylipones before her, Minty had more troubles in the social department, often electing to nap or belittle others rather than befriend them.  All of that changed the moment Minty met her mother’s friend, Deedee Farmwell.  Deedee was a striking young woman who seemed to have quite an affinity for the Mylipone clan, having already born a child to Butterscotch’s son Pocky before marrying Gladsten Farmwell and befriending Blue Belle.  Minty immediately became taken with Deedee and wasted no time in getting into her bed, occasionally even in the presence of Deedee’s children.  Before long, Minty found herself pregnant and soon gave birth to daughter Snuzzle.  During and directly after her pregnancy, Minty put on a lot of weight; as a result, her relationship with Deedee quickly took a turn for the worst not long after Snuzzle’s birth. After a lot of work, the excess weight eventually came off; unfortunately, Deedee continued to seem unwilling to commit to Minty, even after the death of Gladsten.  Minty, never really the nicest girl to begin with, became verbally abusive towards Deedee in spite of her feelings for her; eventually, she came to realize that their relationship was toxic and began the process of moving on.  Unfortunately for the Mylipones, Minty’s attempts to get over Deedee came too late once Snuzzle started harassing her other mother’s family, forcing Deedee, a known witch in the community, to cast a hex that banished Minty, her brother Spike 1.3, and  Snuzzle into a new town, never to see the remainder of their family or friends again.

After settling in their new home, Minty elected to focus entirely on her career and her relationship with Snuzzle. After a few years, Minty achieved her LTW and became the highest ranking acrobat. She retired shortly thereafter; however, her attempts to bond with her evil daughter continually fell short and were perhaps dashed forever once Snuzzle caught Minty flirting with her live-in lover. In spite of — or perhaps because of — her problems with Snuzzle, Minty was a devoted grandmother to Snuzzle’s daughter Seashell, often feeding and snuggling the baby when she was largely ignored by her parents.

Minty never forgot the period in her life when she had gained a lot of weight; as an elder, she found herself obsessing over the gain to the point where she worked out constantly.  She finally over-exerted herself one day at the gym and succumbed to a heart attack.

Minty’s hair comes from Garden of Shadows.


Snuzzle YA

Evil, Genius, Light Sleeper, Commitment Issues, Perceptive

LTW: Alchemy Artisan

Are Sims born evil, or do they have evilness thrust upon them?  In Snuzzle‘s case, the trait was inherent upon her birth to Minty and the promiscuous witch Deedee Farmwell.  Growing up, Snuzzle never really knew her mother Deedee; she was primarily ignored by Minty and experienced a tumultuous relationship at best with her uncle Spike 2.1.  She spent most of her childhood and adolescence with Peanut, the peculiar doll that had been gifted to her at birth.  Peanut was a strong influence on Snuzzle, encouraging her evil behavior and helping her to breed a deep resentment towards her family, especially given that she was not born with the same witch powers that Deedee possessed and that Snuzzle knew would greatly increase her chances of eventually taking over.  In spite of her lack of magical abilities, Snuzzle was a formidable presence; as she entered her young adult years, she confronted Deedee and attempted to force her to grant Snuzzle with the same powers Deedee had.  Fearful for her life, as well as the lives of her other children, Deedee hexed Snuzzle and her family, permanently banishing them from their town into a new one.

Frustrated by her plans being thwarted, Snuzzle decided to focus her energies on University instead, becoming the first Sim in the Mylipones to attempt schooling outside of the bare minimal requirements.  She graduated with a degree in medicine and returned home, where she continued her job at the mausoleum.

Snuzzle met Jacob Salaman while in University; the pair hit it off and began an affair that was maintained after Snuzzle’s graduation. Unfortunately, Jacob insulted Snuzzle during his first visit to see her, resulting in her wish to see him dead. Now, everything she does — including asking him to move in and bearing their daughter, Seashell — is a means to his end.

Snuzzle’s hair is a Cazy Hair Mesh that I picked up at Anubis.

7 responses to “~The Mylipones

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  3. Hah! Gen 1 My Little Ponies! Thanks! I totally need to elbow some space in my town for them!!

    My Little Ponies were a childhood obsession for me too. I thought it was incredibly stupid that there were no boy ponies, though, so I gave a bunch of them sex changes. Then I built a fantasy town with an incredibly complex romantic/friendship relationship diagram. When baby ponies came onto the scene, I bought them based on the genetics of the existing couples, then came up with new stories to create couples with genetics to plausibly create the additional babies I wanted :).

    Now that I tell the story, it all seems like a forerunner of playing Sims….

    The first couple in my collection were Firefly (female) and Medley (male). I can’t remember any other names except Megan and Sundance. I think I had Bluebell and/or Blossom.

    I actually still have most of them in a bag in a closet in our house. I loved them so much that I had some delusion that maybe I could give them to my (then hypothetical) kids. Unfortunately, the type of rubber their bodies are made of do NOT age well, and now they’re all discolored and kind of disgusting. You can’t always keep your childhood. Sigh.

    • Ok, so this comment totally, TOTALLY made my day…probably way more than it should have. I did something sort of similar as a kid, though not nearly as in depth and creative; I also matched up baby ponies with mothers based on who in my collection most similarly resembled them. I even had this complicated storyline explaining why nobody remembered who everyone was and how each pony would be “found,” and the distraught emotions that some of the moms would have when a new pony turned out to be the real (or more resemblant, anyway…nope, that’s not a real word) mother of the baby they had been raising all along. I was also bothered by the lack of male ponies, but never thought of substituting out some of the ones that I had as boys…it’s really too bad we didn’t hang out as kids.

      I didn’t have that many when I was little, only about fifteen or so, but when I got into college, I discovered the magical world of ebay and promptly blew most of my paychecks on giant lots of ponies in an attempt to “collect them all.” Then the new ponies came out. You don’t even want to know how many giant tubs full of ponies I’ve amassed. It’s really quite pathetic.

      Anyway, I’m glad you appreciate the girls! 😀

      • OK, so I admit that I replied the first time to share all my My Little Pony memories, but I hadn’t read through the character bios yet. Man do you have the perfect flair for the hilarious. I laughed out loud.

        I’m fippin’ terrified of Vector. I’m not going to install it for a while yet.

        I should dig those ponies out of my closet and see just how badly they’re discolored. If they can be collector’s items, then there’s probably a way to store them correctly that I didn’t do. Sigh. Maybe the discoloration has its roots in the aggressive play time they endured when I was a kid. I probably had around 25. The last product lines I remember were the boy ponies and the flutter ponies. I only own one legit boy. He was the sailor one. Yeah, I’ve forgotten all the names, but I remember what they all LOOK like :).

        I didn’t even know that there’d been a reboot of the product line until you mentioned it. So I looked them up. Wow, if My Little Ponies were ever considered distorted BEFORE….

      • I actually do not recommend Vector. I WANTED to like it…I really, really did…but it’s just turned out to be a pain for me. Then again, I could just not be utilizing it correctly. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be uninstalling it next time I play, though. 😦

        I’m so glad you did share your MLP memories!! Ahh, it sure takes you back…I don’t think any of mine are too discolored; then again, I haven’t actually seen them in years…my mom was always telling me to be really careful with them because “they might be worth something some day.” Ha! I’ll bet she didn’t foresee that I’d practically put myself into debt buying them myself rather than selling them (not really, but I did get a little out of hand there for a while…)

        The new ponies, yeah…they are…interesting. The new ponies BEFORE the latest new ponies were actually pretty close to the original models and grew on me really quickly; but the latest ones are just…weird. I also find it disturbing that boys seem to have taken them over now; I’m all about non-gender specified playtime and whatnot, but when I have some tween boy preaching to me about toys that came out when -I- was a kid, it’s just a little too much. -_-

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