Welcome to the world of the Callenders!  The Callenders are my first ever Sims legacy, so I’m pretty sure the road ahead will be a pretty rough one.  Although I’ve been a committed (in more ways than one…) Sims addict for years now, I’m ashamed to say I’d never even heard of a legacy challenge until this year; I discovered them on the Boolprop forum and instantly became hooked.  At that time, I was completely devoted to Sims 2 because I already had all the expansions and saw no point in bothering with S3 until EA was all done with it…but then I stumbled upon the hilarious Food Family, and later, the Kendrick Legacy , and I thought it might be fun to try my hand at a legacy of my very own…and thus, January Callender was born.

Each heir/heiress, starting with January, of course, is loosely based on a corresponding Western Zodiac sign: January, for example, is a Capricorn.  She’s very practical, frugal, and hard-working, and favors shades of brown and dark blue.  I used a variety of different websites to create hodge-podges of what each sign would look and act like, so if you dislike something about a particular Sim’s characteristics, please feel free to blame the interwebs. 😀  Each heir/heiress will produce at least two offspring, the traditonal “heir & spare,” but, aside from that, I don’t follow any particular pattern or plan and just sort of let things happen — or fall apart — as they will.

The Callenders were never intended to be a true legacy; I was really only practicing with them…which is why there are initially next to no pictures.  I don’t keep up with points, and I can be horrifically wordy; also, I’ve never used wordpress before, so I’m sure things will be awkward for a bit…but, if you’re here, I hope you enjoy!

~A. Quirrel

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