Those of you who also read An Infectious Legacy will be seeing this twice, but there’s no way I have enough energy…or ingenuity…to come up with two separate posts…sorry!!  Anyway, I know you guys have all been missing me like whoa, right?  And I’ve been missing all ya’ll, too; it’s just that things have been kinda hectic out here in the “real (ish)” world, and I’ve fallen behind on a lot of stuff.  First, the hubs had one of his best and oldest friends visiting from out of state, then ANOTHER of his best and oldest friends visited from out of state, then the holidays, then, Surprise!  Best and oldest friend #2 came back and is now a roommate!  It was all very unexpected.

Oh, and then this also happened:


Yeah…so I’ve had a lot of distractions lately…but I promise I haven’t forgotten my very very FAVORITE (well, I guess second favorite now) distraction and I hope to be able to actually catch up and update very very soon!

7 responses to “Distractions

  1. I just wanted to drop you a note and say we miss you and I hope your pregnancy doesn’t suck too much. That wasn’t the good part for me :).

    • Ah man, Susan, I miss all you guys too!! I’m so far behind on everyone’s legacies…including my own. It stinks. :-<

      On the more positive side, everything with el bambino is doing good; I can't believe it, but we only have about three months left! o.O I stayed sick for about the first twenty weeks or so, but, thankfully, that part is OVER. Hopefully, once all this baby stuff is sorted out, I can come back to Sims very, very soon! ❤

      • I am SO GLAD you’re still here!

        I was sick pretty much the whole time. I hated pregnancy with the passion of 1000 burning suns, but it’s not like one gets pregnant for the awesomeness of being pregnant. And it did have big rewards — feeling a kid move and develop is indescribably awesome :).

        I don’t know if you recall the ONE YEAR break in the Sample Legacy…. I do hope you’ll be able to come back faster. I was a pretty neurotic early parent, but if one is just a tiny bit more zen, there’s probably some great Simming to be had at the beginning when the rugrat is sleeping all the time. I did spend a bunch of time playing the one-handed second player of Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii with my hubby — one arm to hold the baby and one to play the game! You already knew I’m a geek :).

        I would be thrilled to visit more in a friendly parental-solidarity way :). I don’t know if you Facebook, but Jolvsbooks, DragonWife, Amhranai and I all jumped the line and signed on as real-life friends. My full name is all over my blog, so I’m not hard to find… 🙂

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