2.14 Where Have You Been

February stared down at the test in her hand and waited for the imminent shock and fear she knew she should be feeling to take its hold on her.  It was hard to believe that what ultimately amounted to nothing but a small, cheap bit of plastic could hold the power to alter her life so drastically…yet there she was, sitting on the edge of the bathtub in her family’s tiny bathroom, feeling nothing but wave after wave of numbness.  The four short months since February’d awakened  groggy and confused in her parents’ bed next to Hector seemed like an eternity ago.  She had at first believed herself small again, snuggled deep under the comfort of her parents’ presence after waking from a childhood nightmare, until she’d seen Hector’s shock of red hair and all of the sorrowful memories had come flooding back.

A solitary tear trailed its lonely way down February’s cheek now as she continued to stare blankly at the device confirming what she had been suspecting for some time now.  At first, she hadn’t thought much of it when her cycles had stopped; she’d blamed stress from losing her parents, and, of course, her own act of betrayal without stopping to think that sleeping with Hector maybe had more to do with missing her periods than just causing her some emotional anguish.  Then her weight had started climbing, while certain smells and foods made her stomach turn.  Suspicions had begun weighing on her mind at that point, but she ignored them in the hopes that the problem wouldn’t exist so long as she failed to acknowledge it.  However, Martin Luther, who was spending more and more time out of the house now that he’d secured a job as a stylist at the local salon, took one look at his sister after not seeing her for about a week and remarked, “You’re having his baby…what a wonderful way to show how much you love him?”

“Oh, shut up,” February snapped, glowering moodily at her brother.  Martin Luther raised his eyebrows but refrained from making any additional comments.  Later that evening, February had found the pregnancy test sitting unobtrusively on her bed and had finally condescended to face the consequences of her actions.

“Well,” she sighed, tucking the used kit in the trashcan and wiping her face.  “I guess it’s time to talk to Cameron.”


Cameron was just heading out of the Wan household where he’d been hanging out all evening when his cell phone rang.  The sight of February’s name on his screen set his pulse racing, just as it had been since the day she’d been assigned his lab partner in high school so many years ago.  He hadn’t heard much from her in the past few months since her dad had died, so he was naturally elated that she was actually calling him for a change.

“Hey beautiful, what’s up?  It’s good to hear your voice,” Cameron enthused, then sobered as he registered February’s somber tone.   “You need to talk?  Nothing too bad, I hope,” he joked, hoping to lighten the mood; unfortunately, his forced joviality did nothing to improve February’s spirits.  If anything, she actually sounded even sadder when she asked if it was all right for her to come by his house.  “Oh, hey, don’t worry about coming all the way out there; I’m just over at the Wan’s house; it’d be much easier to meet me here, or I can come to you — no?  Ok…if you’re sure…I can’t wait to see you.”  Cameron hung up, concern creasing his features.  The last time he’d heard February sound quite so serious had been the time she’d met him at the stadium to break things off with him.  He had instantly known that day what her intentions had been, and, although he’d never been sure why she hadn’t gone through with it, he’d always been grateful that she had seemed to change her mind.  He’d also been relieved when she stopped hanging around that Hector guy so much; there had been a time when he’d really begun to think that something might be going on between them.  Trying to calm his nerves, Cameron settled down on the steps of the Wan’s front porch to anxiously wait for his girlfriend to arrive.

It wasn’t long before February rounded the corner and began to make her way down the street.  Excitement burst through Cameron at the sight of her in spite of the likelihood that she bore bad news; he jumped to his feet to greet her, then paused uncertainly.  He had actually seen February even less than he’d spoken to her since the death of her dad; he had been aware that February was avoiding him, but believed at the time that she had merely wished to grieve in private.  Now, cold dread poured like ice water down his heart as he regarded the figure of his girlfriend.  There was something subtly different about her, a foreign fullness that he may not have noticed had he seen her on a more regular basis.  He stood still and watched her slow approach until she stopped a few feet from him and regarded him solemnly.

“Hello, Cameron.”

“‘Lo, February.”  February hesitated a moment, struck by their sudden formality.  “I have something to tell you,” she finally murmured.

“You do.”  Meant as a question, Cameron’s utterance came out as a flat statement instead.  February flushed, then took a deep breath and began.

“Cameron, I…we’ve been together a long time, and you know that I love you…”  February paused, possibly waiting for Cameron to say something to encourage her; when he remained silent, she forced herself to continue.

“I…know this is going to be hard to take but…Cameron, I’m pregnant,” February finally managed to blurt out.

For a long moment, Cameron simply stared at February.  He wanted to feel surprise, shock, even anger, but all he seemed to feel as he looked into the tear-filled eyes of the girl he’d loved since they were teenagers was numbness.

“It’s Hector’s, isn’t it?” he asked quietly.  February nodded and then began spilling out  an explanation as to why it had all happened.  Cameron watched her silently, listening to the river of words she was pouring at his feet like an offering of wine, but not really hearing anything she was saying.  A spark of anger finally began to grow, fed by the sheer volume of sounds February was relentlessly expelling.

“Stop.  Just…stop talking.  Everything that’s coming out of your mouth is garbage,” he fumed.  Shocked, February tasted rich, coppery blood coat her bitten tongue as she abruptly snapped her mouth closed.

“How could you do this to me, to us?” Cameron continued.  “I love you….I changed everything for you.  I tried to give you space, and this is what you do?  You go behind my back and get yourself knocked up like…like some kind of back alley tramp??”  February cringed, but Cameron was too consumed with hurt and anger to notice, or care if he had.  “I know you, I know you better than everyone else, even that little red-headed freak you hang around with…I know why you did this.  I know it’s all about your parents, but dammit, February, why didn’t you come to ME for once?”

“I…I…I’m so sorry, Cameron, so sorry, please…you’re right, I should have come to you when my dad…just please —,” February stammered through the rain of tears that flooded her face and clogged her throat.  Cameron’s anger boiled over at the mere sight of her.

“Shut up!  Shut up!” he screamed, completely losing control of his temper.  “Just get away from me!  I don’t even want to look at you anymore!”

Terrified, February broke down.  “No, no, please Cameron, I love you so much, I do, please, I just want things to be ok, please…”  Cameron glared at her as she dissolved in tears in front of him, his face impassive.

“Go home, February.  Just…go,” he advised stonily before turning away from her and walking back into the Wan home, leaving February no choice but to return to her own house, exhausted and broken.


12 responses to “2.14 Where Have You Been

  1. Whoa! February got accused of cheating, didn’t she? Or did she confess? If Cameron has become such a good guy, I’m sorry she broke his heart, and I hope she’s figured herself out before it’s too late to win him back. Recovering from cheating is pretty messed up, or so I learned :-p.

      • Bwah! Because EVERY player character in this game is a celebrity.

        BTW: Didn’t you just post this? The date is two weeks ago. I only ask because the Callenders posts never get to the top of my Blogroll. I’m wondering if you are starting a post two weeks ago and then the date doesn’t get updated when you post. I sometimes have this problem with Blogger, bug of course the WordPress interface is different. We have a WordPress travel blog, but we haven’t um been traveling a lot since the baby was born, so I don’t remember much about it :).

      • I know, I HATE the stupid celebrity points! They get so aggravating, what with paparazzi always showing up and ruining things…ugh.

        Bwhahaha, you’re the first to notice my date discrepancies! The long version is that when I’m playing, I take notes and then transfer whatever part of those notes is relevant to the part of the story I’m in into WordPress…it’s generally a big chunk that I never use in one post, so whatever is left over gets moved into a new post. It takes me days to do a Callender update, so when I finally actually publicize, the date that I technically started the post is usually a few weeks behind. It bugs me, but apparently not enough to try and fix it.

        What do you mean, you haven’t been traveling?! You just moved across the country!! Get on that travel blog, woman! :-p

      • Ha! I guess you could say I’m traveling. We’re not taking any TRAVEL VACATIONS! Though even that’s not true, since we just got back from visiting my husband’s sister in London, which was technically a vacation. And it would have felt like one if I weren’t so stressed and overtraveled.

        It bugs me that you pick up celebrity points for not doing anything. I think you should have to pick up a celebrity opportunity or at least make friends with a celebrity in order to start the process. You have all these complex mechanics involving getting celebrities to talk to you, but since you pick up a point or two just for breathing, they almost never come into play.

        I have a use for the celebrity points for Gen 4 and Gen 5 of the Samples. But I’m resolved to remove them manually using MasterController for player sims who are ordinary joes in he future.

      • Ugh, I just replied to this and, for some reason, WordPress decided that REALLY meant I was logging out…now I’m glad I didn’t get all caught up singing its praises earlier. >_<

        Anyway, what I had said was, did you go to LONDON London, or a town up North called London? If it's the first one, then that is awesome but really sad that you weren't really able to enjoy it…not that that wouldn't apply to a U.S. London, but you know what I mean.

        Manually removing celebrity star…I hadn't thought of that! Wish I had back when Febs was having her crisis with Cameron…oh, well.

        Also, just for you, I figured out how to edit my publication dates…only now I'm tempted to try and go back to fix them all….

    • You make the world seem to right to me again :). I tend to sort through my screenshots and organize them into posts in batches, then write text as I think of it, and I was really bugged when Blogger put the “wrong” dates on my posts!

      Yeah, I meant the UK London. My husband has a sister who lives there, so this is not the first nor the last time we’ll visit. It’s an expensive family relationship, but at least we have crash space and food when we get there, so it’s not like taking a full vacation. We lived in the greater London area for six months while hubbie was on sabbatical. I love the place, and I’m deeply grateful to have the chance to visit. But. It. Is. Expensive, so I’m glad we don’t live there.

      This was the first visit since our spawn and her spawn (almost exactly a year younger) were born. And lemmetellya, living in Boston is WAY better than living in Albuquerque for relatives in the UK. The old flight was 20 hours with three layovers….

      • Zomg, 20 hours on a plane with a little one would be horrific…but how neat that ya’ll (and she!) get to experience life outside of ye olde United States on a semi-regular basis! I have heard that it is uber expensive; one of my friends and I had toyed with the idea of studying abroad for a summer, and she wanted to go to London. (I wanted to go to Greece because a] cheaper, and b] it sounded more interesting.) In the end, I didn’t wind up able to go anyplace, but she did make it to London, and, while she enjoyed it, she said one of the biggest issues was money. And the weather. Sooo…I will probably just have to content myself with making a trip down to Orlando and visiting Harry Potter world every now and then to get my British fix when needed. 😀

  2. Couldn’t help but read the convo between you and Susan. I’m off to the Harry Potter Studio Tour at the end of September and CANNOT wait! Of course, London is only a 3 hour drive away from where I live. One good thing about the UK being so small in size lol! I live in Newport, South Wales which is where the Ryder Cup was held last year.

    Anyway, back to your blog. Poor January, but if you play with fire, then you get burnt … At least her brpther is there for her, in his own special way. Speaking of which, I want to pat his head. I think he’d get on well with Arya as she’s starting to really show her insane trait!

    • Heh. Yeah, the US is *big*. It’s so big that even travel to Canada and Mexico is a big deal. My husband’s sister regularly travels to Germany and Greece, and while we were there we took the Chunnel train to spend the weekend in Paris. I’ve used jokes about spending a weekend in Paris to describe the truly extravagant jet-setting lifestyle, but it means something totally different when you live over here 🙂 :).

      We spent a few days hiking around Pembroke Dock while we were living in London. I’d have to look at a map to see where Newport is.

      (I have to say I like it when a bit of Real Life intrudes on simblogging. After a while talking about our games, I get to think of you as net pals, and it bugs me not knowing anything about you :). )

      I have to say that I LOVE Insane sims. It’s all in how you play them, of course, but they are so quirky. I like quirky.

      • The US is scary big! It’s probably quicker for me to get to Paris than for you to get from one end to the other! In fact, most European countries are only a couple of hours flight away. I’ve never been to the US but I love the architecture in New York, so that’s one of my dream destinations … one day hopefully 🙂

        Newport is a small city next to Cardiff, which is the capital of Wales. It’s the first major city you come to when you cross the Welsh border by the River Severn. In fact, you may have passed it en route to Pembroke Dock!

        I’m the same actually. It’s interesting to find out tidbits about other people, especially when they live in different countries. Net pals are the new pen pals after all!

    • Harry Potter Studio Tours!!! So jealous!!! My in-laws have a British friend that was telling me a little about that on one of his visits; it would be too cool to go…have lots of fun!! 😀

      Yeah…February just walked right into her mother’s footsteps without even meaning too…maybe she’ll be able to turn things around, though.

      I love Arya; she’s such a cute little Sim…I can’t wait to see what sort of crazy hijinks she gets into!

      I lived in New York for a little while; it was during my “rebellious” college years. It had always been a dream of mine to live there someday, and I’m glad I did…and also glad that I do not any longer. I still miss it, though; there’s nothing quite like it. DEFINITELY go if you ever get a chance.

      Hearing about people’s “real life” adventures is fascinating, especially when we all come from all over the place and have such different things going on. Ah, the magic of the internet…

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