~An Infectious Legacy~

I’m very pleased (and somewhat nervous) to unveil my newest project…

An Infectious Legacy will follow the Simselves of my husband and I as they found an alphebacy named after diseases, conditions, and ailments.  Although I love my Callenders, they’ve become much more of a story than I had originally intended, and their blog is way behind my gameplay.  In order to catch up — and continue to feed my Sims addiction — the Simptoms were conceived.  They will (hopefully) be a lighthearted, just-for-fun family that won’t be so plot-heavy and wordy.

We hope to see you soon!  🙂


8 responses to “~An Infectious Legacy~

      • Heh. Now that I have a sense of who the Gen 5 heir will be, I am somewhat regretting my commitment to move to Elfland by the time Gen 5 ages up. But there’s just no way I could handle two legacies, and the Samples probably have another year left in ’em. So just gotta jump in… :).

      • Elfland, Elfland, Elfland!!!! I don’t know if you already have a world set for that or not, but if you don’t, I recommend Lunar Lakes…it’s very out-there, but I kinda dig it. Speaking of moving to new worlds, how is that going with you?

      • Lunar Lakes looks awesome. I already put a ton of time into getting the Harry Potter world up to snuff, and now I’m just too amused by that concept, so the Samples are going there. HOWEVER… if I can move once, I can move again, and the idea of the Sample elves zapping from a fantasy world to a science fiction one in a few generations is terribly appealing.

        The sky’s the limit!

        It does seem odd to have World Adventures and send sims on vacation from Lunar Lakes to Champs les Sims…. But that’s kind of moot for me because I think I will have played WA to death by the time Charles is done. I do wish they’d’ve made WA more flexible and started releasing more vacation worlds for it. Twallan has made a mod that allows this, but I haven’t tried it.

      • (One of the truly bizarre things about WordPress is the funny way that replies in comments keep getting longer and skinnier…annoying.) The Harry Potter world is going to be awesome; I can’t wait to see it! I think it’s brave (hehehehe, see what I did there? ;-p) of you to fool with WA at all; I’m so afraid of glitching everything up that I haven’t had the nerve to let mine go anywhere…yet. Maybe in the future I’ll grow a pair. 🙂

  1. OK, I cannot handle the way that layout squashes the threaded replies, so I’m starting over :).

    Man, it seems like everyone ELSE has big problems with World Adventures, but I have never had a significant issue. It really might not be that bad! It does bother me that WA seems to be so disaster-prone because I really like it. I almost never see people use it in their legacies.

    I have had a blast expanding the Harry Potter world. I don’t know what it will actually be like to PLAY in, so we’ll see.

    • You know, as much as I bash WA, I actually don’t think I’ve really had that many problems with it…granted, I only played with it a couple of times, but my main issues seem to have sprung up with either Pets or Late Night. It’s a good thing Sims 3 is so darn pretty; otherwise I’d just give up and stick with Sims 2 until they stopped coming out with eps and got all their glitches under control. Oh well; c’est la vie.

      I’m very excited to see what you do with the Harry Potter world; you’re one of the only other legacy writers I’ve found that actually works with a plot, so I know that you’re going to make it awesome! 🙂

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