Sims 3 vs Virgin Diaries

Hey readers…all, like, four of you! This is Sara (aka Artemis Quirrel), writer, producer, and director of this here blog, and I had a little story I wanted to share with you guys.

I got a text from a friend of mine on Sunday night about TLC’s new show, The Virgin Diaries…specifically, he told me I should watch it if I needed a laugh. I could always use a laugh, so I cranked the telly up and settled in for an hour of good, clean fun. My husband, on the other hand, elected to hang out in the other room.

So I’m watching, I’m laughing, it’s all good…and then I start hearing Sims music. At first I think that K-dawg (the spouse) has fired the game up for me in order to lure me back in, but then I quit hearing it and decided I was imagining things. I watch some more, laugh some more, K-dawg comes in…and I hear the dulcet tones of the loading up theme again. “Husband mine,” I sweetly inquire of the spouse, “Did you start up Sims for me?” Blank stare. Huh. I am totally hearing things…only…I’m not…is that…is TLC playing SIMS MUSIC while these very very awkward virgins kiss for the very first time on their wedding day??!

Why yes. Yes it is.

Conclusion: TLC is, for reasons unknown to me, ripping off music sacred to the Sim fanatics in order to enhance their programming. I am either appalled or amused. I highly recommend that you (yes, all four of you) take a look and hear for yourselves.

::end interlude::


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