2.4 Party Rock Anthem

As soon as her parents’ tail lights disappeared down the road, February whipped out her cell phone and dialed Cameron.  She wondered if maybe she should consider having a little party — wasn’t that normally the thing to do when your parents left you alone with the house for a few days? — but immediately disregarded the idea.  After all, the only person she was interested in seeing was Cameron.

“Cameron!  Hi!,” she chirped as soon as Cameron picked up the phone.  “My parents are gonna be gone for a while…you wanna come over?”  Cameron, of course, didn’t hesitate to agree and made plans to be at February’s house within the hour.  February hung up, feeling an odd mixture of nausea and excitement at the idea of being alone in her house with a boy that was not her brother…wait.  Her brother…where WAS Martin Luther, anyway?  February poked her head into Martin Luther’s room, expecting he would be merrily chatting it up with that thing he dragged around everywhere, but the room was deserted.  Frowning with consternation, February made a quick check of the other rooms in the house, to no avail.  Panic was beginning to creep its way into her throat; where could the little monster be?  He had gotten off the bus with her…hadn’t he?  Come to think of it, February had been so busy mulling over Cameron’s invitation to prom that she really hadn’t noticed whether her little brother was there or not.

The sky was growing darker now; Cameron would be arriving any minute, and there was still no sign of Martin Luther.  Although February hadn’t really spent a lot of time considering how she and Cameron would spend the evening, she was pretty sure looking for her crazy little brother would never have made the list of possibilities.  She was quickly running out of options that did not include either calling her parents or the police, both mortifying, but necessary, scenarios if Martin Luther didn’t reappear quickly.  She had already scoured the vast backyard, calling his name repeatedly with no response, and, as Martin Luther had no friends that weren’t stuffed with fabric, she was pretty sure he wasn’t hanging out at some other kid’s house.  February was just about to give up when she caught site of Cameron strolling down her walkway.  “Well, this is just great,” she thought bitterly.  “He’s gonna take one look at this freak show and rethink prom for sure.”  Gamely, February pasted a big smile on her face and was starting up the walk to meet him when a strange, gutteral voice wafted over the lawn, stopping her in her tracks: “Stranger danger!  Stranger danger!”  Frowning, February turned slowly towards the backyard; she knew that creepy little voice…she heard it pretty much every single day, whenever Martin Luther’s doll “talked” back.  Squinting, she could just make out the form of her little brother up in the tree fort behind the house, peering back at her with the paper towel tube he used as a “stethoscope.”

“Martin Luther!” she screamed, forgetting all about Cameron and running behind the house.  “Where have you been?  I’ve been looking and looking for you!”  Martin Luther gazed down at her impassively.  “No, you haven’t,” he responded in his normal voice.  “Yes, I HAVE,” February argued impatiently, glaring up at her brother from the bottom of the tree.  “I’ve been calling you and everything!”  “No, you haven’t,” Martin Luther repeated.  February took a deep breath, preparing herself to scream her lungs out at her derelect younger sibling, when she remembered that Cameron was just behind her, watching the whole exchange.  “Hey dude,” he called up to Martin Luther, “Cool tree house.  Whatcha doing up there?”  Martin Luther regarded Cameron stonily.  “Stranger,” he growled, before backing out of the window and disappearing into the depths of his fort.  Flushing with mortification, February faced Cameron, who grinned at her amiably.  “Kids, huh,” he laughed.  “Yeah…he’s definitely a weird one,” February admitted, praying that Martin Luther didn’t pop out and do anything else to further embarrass her.  “Aw, he’s not so bad,” Cameron said comfortingly, laying a hand on February’s shoulder.  February’s heart unexpectedly skipped a bit at the gesture; for about the bazillionth time that day, she felt her face flush and hoped that Cameron didn’t notice in the quickly fading light.  “Actually,” he went on, “I’m kinda jealous.  I never had any brothers or sisters, and I always wanted one.”  “Well,” February laughed unsteadily, “You’re welcome to mine any time.  Like…seriously.  Any time.”  Cameron chuckled and moved his hand off February’s shoulder.  Hazily, February observed that somehow the skin that Cameron had touched felt both cooler and warmer in the absence of his contact.


10 responses to “2.4 Party Rock Anthem

  1. This starts out so innocently, but you’ve foreshadowed that February is going to get herself into a rough place. I admit that I adore Martin Luther and all his crazy reclusive childishness.

      • Heh. Gen 3, the one I’m now completing, is the first generation where I had any spares. And I think I got more attached to Shanni and Adjo than Zahra. I’m getting the most fun out of seeing what traits the characters get and what kind of personalities they turn out to be, so there’s no reason not to let the spares have stories of their own!

  2. I love Shanni; I can’t wait to see how — and if — she ever settles down…I felt really bad for her in her last chapter. 😦 I also love how you explained Charles’ sudden solidification!

    My spares are funny; I don’t mess with their traits, and both so far have been insane kleptomaniacs. It definitely makes them more fun. 🙂

    • Ha! Insane Kleptomaniacs! So Martin Luther really is a bit wrong in the head :). That really came out in your last chapter. I love it.

      I’ve been hoping to roll Insane, Kleptomaniac, Evil, or Commitment Issues just for the havoc. I finally have an Insane spare, but I haven’t really seen it take the story anyplace yet. We’ll see!

      • Thank you! I’m really excited for you to roll some of the more, erm, “interesting” traits; they can be quite a bit of fun. Martin Luther, if I recall, is a very complicated individual…although he carried insane and klepto, I believe he was also either good or friendly, so he would steal stuff and then feel incredibly guilty about it and want to give it back. February has commitment issues, but is also friendly, good, and has a good sense of humor…it was definitely challenging. For my part, I seriously cannot wait until your next chapter; the big twist you pulled was sheer, absolute brilliance!

  3. That compliment really made my day! Thank you!

    You lit a fire under me to get another installment up.

    Wow. Martin Luther sounds absolutely fascinating. I hope we get to see more of him. I look forward to whenever you can post!

    • Aw, no problem! I was just calling it like I see it! I’m really glad that it inspired you, though; I was looking forward to seeing more of Shagnes! (and…that is the dirtiest couple name ever.)

      The Exchange…I had been avoiding that in fears that I would get carried away; but then I found a site full of free cc and that pretty much blew me over the edge, so I guess there’s no turning back from the Exchange now. I will try to upload January and February; I expect that I will have issues, but we’ll see.

      By the way, how is your daughter doing? Are ya’ll getting to sleep more these days?

      • Did you create an Exchange account, then? I just added a page to my blog that links to my uploaded sims. However, I notice that Zahra and Susie (my founder!) keep disappearing after I upload them. Classy site design. I may just end up download the Sims3Pack files and making them downloadable from somewhere else. I’ve seen others do that, and now I know why.


        My daughter gave us another scare around Thanksgiving. She threw up blood one morning. Teaspoons, I should note, not gallons of blood. But we of course totally freaked out. She’s been in for some tests, and it appears that her acid reflux is not going away, but the blood thing was also not as bad as it appeared. They’re experimenting with raising her medication to keep it better under control. And by all accounts she could still grow out of it, just slower than some kids.

        She’s such a happy, affectionate, cheerful kid, though. It’s so easy to worry too much. If she were in major pain, she wouldn’t be smiling all the time. Her current record is six unassisted steps now, and I think she’ll be walking before her first birthday (December 23). She’s so proud of herself.

        She’s sleeping somewhat better, but not fabulously. Her specialist now agrees that the the problem is probably related to getting her acid reflux better under control. We elevated the head of her crib a few inches last night, and she slept through from 7pm to 5am. She’s done that every once in a while anyway, so we’ll keep it up and see if the crib position has a lasting effect. Man, I feel SOO much better for the full night’s sleep!

  4. I haven’t done an Exchange account yet; things have been so crazy at home and work that I haven’t had much of a chance to do anything fun…boo…I have heard a lot of negative things about the site; I believe it also does…or used to…host stories for Simmers, and that never seemed to work out too well. I’m surprised that Boolprop doesn’t do things like hosting for downloads, although, since I’ve just read that Boolprop will be shutting down and/or moving because of financial problems, I guess it isn’t really that big of a shock…

    On a more positive note, SO glad to hear that things seem to be looking up for your daughter…throwing up blood sounds terrifying, even if it isn’t a whole lot. It’s hard to believe that a baby could have problems like acid reflux, but I have a few other friends with little ones that have the same issues, so I guess it’s not as uncommon as I’d thought. Poor little buggers; being a kid is supposed to be fun!

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