2.2 Stereo Hearts

I’ll bet you’re wondering how I came to this.  Trust me.  I look back and ask myself the same question every day.  There I was…former prom queen.  Aspiring author/illustrator.  I had it all, and this is what it all wound up coming down to.

I could easily blame it on my childhood…I was a pretty lonely kid.  Don’t get me wrong…my parents were great and all.  Well.  They were, you know, present.  Sort of.  My dad spent time with me as a kid, I guess; I mean, I do have this one picture of him teaching me how to walk…

Toddler February


and I remember some wicked awesome pillow fights with Mom, but mostly she was just…well…not really there.  She would sort of hang out with me and then I would say something, or do something, and she would get this real funny look on her face and kind of wander off into the garden to weed the lettuce or something.  Because of her attentiveness to her produce, we had a perfect garlic plant.  

January and February Pillow Fight


To top it all off, I had THIS for a kid brother:


Martin Luther is king of the table.

Yeah I know, total freak, right?  He would spend hours at the table wearing…that…and pretending he was “King of his Dumb Onions.”  Took me years to figure out he meant “dominions.”  

King Martin Luther's Court

Martin Luther: “I am king! King of all this dumb onion!”

I never really had any friends…it wasn’t that nobody liked me or anything; I was always really friendly and nice to everyone…hello, I did make prom queen, remember?  But honestly, I kinda don’t like being around too many people at one time.  So after school, I liked just sort of doing my own thing and getting away from all the noise and the crowds, and the gossip.  But then I met Cameron, and…well I guess I really should just start from the beginning…


3 responses to “2.2 Stereo Hearts

  1. I didn’t comment on this post before. There’s a lot of foreshadowing of badness for February. I’m very curious.

    The bit about Martin Luther being king of his “dumb onions” made me laugh.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I’ve been working on the next post, which, just to warn you, is already very wordy… :-\ Unfortunately, life has been really hectic lately; part of the shenanigans involve my laptop’s (third) hard drive steadily warning me it’s on its last legs. >_< Anyway…as always, thanks for reading! 🙂

    • I’m just glad to know you’re still at it. I totally get being slow. And I don’t mind wordy at all. You tell a nice story.

      I haven’t been posting at the rate I want to myself, especially since I tend to go for shorter picture-heavy posts, and I expect to be sending them out multiple times a week. The block of time I have for posting is about the same block I have for playing and troubleshooting, and I’ve been having a bunch of game troubles. Those seem to be resolved, but now I’m so happy to have everything working again that I’m playing and not posting ;).

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