2.1 Pumped Up Kicks

Not long after the wedding, January became pregnant with their first child. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they named February; a second child was conceived shortly before February became a toddler. Martin Luther was born a few months later.

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Although she loved her children, January found the prospect of motherhood frankly overwhelming.  The babies seemed sweet enough…although Martin Luther seemed content to spend all his time playing with a strange little doll some distant relative of Connor’s had sent him…but they were so noisy.  And messy.  And…worst of all…smelly.  January had somehow never figured on all of the disorder having small children would result in.  Her only refuges from the constant chaos at home were her job and her garden.  Connor did his best to help, but often got himself completely wrapped up in a book and would just seem to forget that the kids even existed.  Worst of all, January could never look at her own two kids without thinking of the two she had taken Connor from.  She had heard that Diana had given birth to a son named Harrison, but Connor never made any effort to be part of either his or his daughter Delilah’s lives.  January loved Connor but knew in her heart that the way they had built their life together was wrong and could never really enjoy her children without that realization eating away at her conscience.

January does not enjoy her stinky children.

Eventually, life fell into a settled routine: Connor tried to focus on writing his novels — when he managed to remember their plot lines — while January steadily climbed the corporate ladder.  Meanwhile, though largely ignored, their children grew. Both were somewhat odd sorts: blonde, friendly February adored brightly colored getups and never met a stranger, and Martin Luther could barely be cajoled away from his creepy toy.

Although close in age, February and her little brother rarely interacted with each other and had very little in common.  February loved pretending she was racing down the highway in a shiny speedster….

February Joyriding


while Martin Luther loved…playing with his doll, Marie.


ML and Marie2

“I’ll always love you the best!”

Martin Luther had, once, brought a girl home from school to play with, but had quickly rejected her as a potential friend because he felt she was “weird.”

ML and the Rock Child

Martin Luther and Marie.

“She always wears a helmet because she thinks rocks are going to fall on her head,” he explained at breakfast, before carefully arranged Marie at the table where he was pretending to hold court.  February eyed his doll, struggling to come up with a witty comment involving irony…alas, she had yet to learn the meaning of irony.

Awkward Moment

Martin Luther and Marie.


13 responses to “2.1 Pumped Up Kicks

  1. Poor January. Though I am enjoying the fact that January isn’t having the traditional blissful reaction to Sim parenting. The Gen 2 personalities are really emerging quick too.

    Re Connor reading all the time: Ha! I’ve learned that Bookworm is not a trait for the faint hearted. I’ve seen a couple of Wishacy players give their characters Bookworm, and all they ever do is roll wishes to read books, putting the next generation in serious jeopardy. Leave the character to act autonomously, and he’ll do nothing but read. (Though my Connor also played a lot of video games :-p.) It seems like it’s way more powerful than a lot of traits.

    BTW: What perplexes you about Blogspot? I admit that I just picked free blogging services at random. (When your target audience knows nothing about blogging, having “blog” in your domain name does actually get you some users :-p) WordPress and Blogspot operate really differently. One thing that ticks me off about Blogspot is that the “Next Post” and “Previous Post” links are WAAAAAY at the bottom of an individual post page. I’ve tried, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to move them to a more useful place without writing my own template, and if I do that, here won’t be any actual POSTS for ages.

    • January never could catch a break; much later…well after I’d already gotten too far into it to start over…I had a lot regrets over how I began the legacy; I’ve always wished that January sort of came from a kind of blank generation so that I could have raised her as a baby and maybe kept her life from being quite so messed up. Then again, poor February doesn’t fare much better, so maybe it’s just as well that Jan didn’t have as much time to get screwed over.

      I love Connor; he really wasn’t such a bad guy (literally; I don’t even know how a Sim with the Good trait wound up in such a messy predicament. He usually paid more attention to the kids than January did. Oh! I’ve been meaning to ask, who is Jenny Callender? (BTVS is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, right?) I barely watched the show, so I’m really only familiar with the main characters from like, the first season.

      My problems with Blogspot are partly due to user errors; when I first started reading the Samples, I didn’t see the link that said “start here,” because I am dumb. So it took me a while to figure out how to get to the beginning, and when I did, it aggravated me that the posts were all backwards…like, the oldest one at the bottom, so I’d have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and read up. I had better luck yesterday, after I found your very helpful link. I’ve been meaning to comment on your stuff, but what normally happens is that I don’t want to comment on something until after I’ve finished reading the whole post, and then I forget what I was going to say. Getting older is not the bomb (although it does beat the alternative! :-p)

      • Well, legacies are long, and if all the stories are equally happy and without conflict, they all run together. I’m sorry January and February have such a rough time. How far have you played?

        I think it’s a ton of fun to get comments on old posts, so if you have an impulse, please go for it! I try to tell myself that when I’m reading through someone else’s legacy, because I have the same impulse to wait until I’ve read everything before I say something. But, hey, this is such a niche hobby that every reader and every comment is precious in my opinion :).

        I take from your comment that you are a not a fresh teenaged Sims player, which is nice to know! I’m 35 and the mother of a 9-month-old baby.

        Jenny Callender was Giles’ technowitch girlfriend from Season 2. She was a very fun character, though she was also the first major Buffy character to come to a sudden, shocking, and bad end.

    • I’m using my blog to comment on your’s because I CANNOT figure out what I’m doing wrong over at Blogspot. I’ve finally caught up on your legacy, and I love it; it’s very well done. You keep talking about how you put in too much detail, but I disagree; I really admire how you can focus on what different members of the family are doing without being too wordy . I also totally feel your pain with some of the bugs you’ve experienced; I don’t play WA much exactly because I’m too scared of messing up my game. Also, on a very creepy Big Brother note, while logging into WordPress I noticed a blog about “Ada Lovelace Day” and was all “whoa…that name is so familiar why? Oh my gosh, that’s the baby Sample!” It was interesting. I would love to say more, but I don’t want to plant any spoilers for future Sample readers, so I’ll just say I can’t wait until you come back and update some more. 🙂

      One more thing and I’ll be done (as you can see, -I- am obviously no good at being concise)…how did you do your family tree?? I want one!!

      Kay bye.

      • Wow. That’s incredibly complimentary. Thank you. It really gives me a glow to think that someone appreciates all the detail I’ve been posting. Of course, the truth is that I probably couldn’t go much faster if I posted more terse stories because I can only play the game a few hours a week in between my daughter’s bedtime and mine. In my game, Ada is just about to age up into a teen.

        Ha! Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace are credited with creating the ancestors of modern computers. Babbage designed a mechanical device for automatic computing called the difference engine. Ada Lovelace designed the first programming language for it. (Here’s a nice summary, heh – http://sydneypadua.com/2dgoggles/lovelace-the-origin-2/). I thought it would be nice for each generation’s patron(ess) to have a naming convention for their kids. Lancelot and Layla’s kids all had Egyptian names because of Layla’s homeland, and I thought a science geek and her computer geek husbands might appreciate children named after the founders of their field. Also, I happen to be a computer scientist :).

        For the family tree, you can create a free account on http://www.familyecho.com and build a family tree from Sims 3 face shots. Getting the link to post to your blog is tricky, though. If you click a person who is NOT the founder or his/her spouse (I used Lancelot), there’s an “Invite to Share” button, and you can provide your own email address and mail your fictional family member a link to the family tree. Make sure you uncheck “Allow to edit family,” or your public link will allow anyone who clicks it to edit the family tree.

        Regarding commenting on Blogspot, I did some troubleshooting by trying to post to my blog pretending to be you, assuming that eventually I’d need your password to post a comment under your profile. I don’t know exactly what behavior you’re getting, but this is what I found: The instructions APPEAR to be telling you to put in your blog URL, aka https://callendars.wordpress.com. I tried this, and when I attempted to post the comment, it didn’t do anything at all. So I attempted to use just callendars instead of the whole URL, and THEN it took me to a page complaining that I needed to be logged in to the callendars account first. Is this useful? If not, feel free to post anonymously. The problem there is that I don’t know if there’s any way to subscribe to subsequent comments that way, so it would be hard to know if you got a response.

        (We can have dueling lack-of-conciseness in our comments :).)

  2. A lot of my favorite legacies have had a lot of conflict; must be the Matrix effect (humans are only happy when there’s something going on to make them miserable)…at the point I’ve played so far, March has just now reached Young Adulthood. I don’t get to play too often these days because, like you, I am definitely no longer a dewy-eyed teenager. I just turned thirty, and my husband and I have recently bought a house that needs some serious work before we can actually live in it…I guess that’s the closest thing we’ll be getting to having a baby for the moment. But congratulations on YOUR little one; they are much, much cuter than houses! (I don’t think we’re alone though; the other thing I’ve noticed about really good legacies is that they tend to be authored by more grown up ladies that are usually moms and wives…this is because we are the most creative, I believe. :-D)

    I have been meaning to try to watch Buffy; I only ever hear good things about it, and it seems like something I would like, especially since there’s a Callender girl in it!

  3. Oh hey, I meant to ask, I have commented on some of your chapters, but I’m not sure if they go through or not…it asks for my profile, and I put ArtemisQuirrel at wordpress, and then it disappears. I thought maybe it had to go through an approval process first, but I could be doing something wrong…

  4. I love your naming theme… holidays in the month is a great idea for spares!

    Very readable and engaging. I like hearing about the inner thoughts of the founder/heir/heiress as they go about chasing their goals. What is January’s LTW again? CEO?

    • Aw, thanks! You are the first person to mention the Holiday themed spares; thanks for noticing! 🙂 January’s LTW is in fact CEO. Thanks again for checking me (and the Callenders!) out!

  5. I followed your post over here, and am enjoying your legacy so far 🙂 I love the helmet, and the “vroom vroom” picture! Also, I agree that the imaginary friend dolls are super creepy–especially when they grow. *Shutter*

  6. Thanks for reading, LauraLiz! 🙂 The Callenders have been really fun to play with so far, and I’m glad that you like them. I just had my first IF come to life…oh my gosh…freaky!! o.O

    • Thank you!! I totally had to look up what “tearaway” means, but yes, you’re right, that is pretty much February…although I don’t really think she means to be that way at all.

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