1.1 Someone Like You

:   Prologue   :

(**There are very few pictures during the first few generations because I never intended for the Callenders to be anything more than a practice legacy.  This is also why January has little to no back story.  If you already read that in the About section, my apologies for the redundancy.**)

January Callender was used to getting what she wanted.  She had always been good at setting goals for herself and achieving them, no matter what the cost might be.  For years, she scraped and scrimped, saving as many Simolians as she possibly could in order to start a new life for herself.  As soon as she became an adult, she set off to begin her life in a small area of the world called Legacy Town.  As a teenager, she had already decided that she would buy the largest plot of land available in the area; unfortunately, she didn’t have enough left over after the purchase to actually construct a house, but she knew that her investment had been a wise one.  The lot she chose was one adjacent to the infamous Landgraabs, and her life was simple.  She quickly acquired a job in the business district of town, certain that she would one day become the CEO.  Slowly, she began adding small necessities to her little home, and began a tiny little garden where she grew lettuce and tomatoes.  Everything was neat and clean, and exactly as she wanted it…but she was lonely.  Her hard work ethic and dedication quickly paid off, and she won promotion after promotion, but she soon found that, without anyone to share her success with, her life was empty.  She tried to fill her spare moments with friends and possible love interests, but she found many of the people in her town dull…or unavailable. The only person she felt any real connection with was a young, absent-minded writer, Connor Frio-Levin.  He had become a true friend to January, and she longed to have more with him; however, he was married and had a young daughter.

January: “My favorite color is brown, you know.” Connor: “…why is she telling me this?”

January truly had no intentions of breaking up Connor’s marriage, but she had never had feelings for anyone like she did for Connor.  She tried, unsuccessfully, to date other men, but Connor was the only one that she ever thought of.  Finally, almost without realizing what she was doing, January began tentatively flirting with Connor.  Connor, she soon discovered, didn’t seem to have a romantic bone in his body, but, since he didn’t reject her admittedly clumsy advances, January felt encouraged and continued making advances towards her friend.

January eventually grew weary of merely holding hands and passing compliments; she hoped to become a mother someday soon, and time was running out all too quickly.  She couldn’t abide the idea of bearing a child out of wedlock, so, if she wanted Connor, the only option was to have him break things off with his wife, Janis, as distasteful as the idea was.  January casually mentioned the possibility to Connor to gauge his reaction; to her surprise, he immediately agreed.  Connor’s marriage was soon no more, and January was free to pursue him openly.  Still, January hesitated; although Connor was all she wanted, she hadn’t wanted him like this.  While she was hashing out her feelings of guilt and remorse, Connor, perhaps still unsure of where he stood with January, got involved with Diana Light and was soon expecting a child with her.

January was devastated.  Not only did Connor still not belong to her, but she would have to destroy yet another family to get him.  As she mulled over her unpleasant options, January finally came to the conclusion that, as she wanted Connor, she should have him.  She had always, always gotten what she wanted, in the end; if she had only followed her instincts instead of her conscience, Connor would be with her now and -she- would be having his child.  Resolved to winning Connor, no matter the consequences, January invited him over and explained that, as she had feelings for him, it would most likely be in the best interest of all parties involved if Connor would break things off with Diana and move in with January at once.  Of course, Connor agreed, and, a short time after January’s birthday, the pair wed.  After the wedding, as January lay alongside her new husband, she smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.  Finally, things were right in the world again.


8 responses to “1.1 Someone Like You

  1. Haha, I keep reading your sim’s name as Jenny Callender. I guess that’s just the old BTVS fan in me. XD

    While I can’t say I agree with breaking up relationships right and left, especially where there are children involved, I’m interested to see if this finally satisfies January. While she thinks she may want Connor, what if all she really likes is the chase of it…or the fact that he’s consistently unavailable.

    It’s an interesting start. I’m curious to see where it goes. 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for reading! I felt awful about the whole Connor thing, but I really didn’t know what else to do; January was well out of young adulthood and couldn’t find ANYONE that wasn’t either a jerk or married. (To be fair, I probably could have tried harder, but I panicked.) I couldn’t believe it when she finally broke him up with Janis and he turned right around and wound up impregnating Diana. I honestly don’t even know why she would want him after that…either way, it seems like a really terrible way to begin a legacy.

      Incidentally, shortly after Connor moved in with January originally, a giant meteor came down and killed them both…it was pretty startling. It doesn’t seem to bode well for the future at all. :-/

    • Wow. I wish you’d been taking more pictures, since January’s romance with Connor was high drama!

      Toast, I also read the name as Jenny Callender too! Ha!

      I really like the writing style here. I enjoy Simblogs where the authors try to build a real story.

      Connor was my legacy founder’s husband as well! I always smile when I see him in somebody else’s story. (If you’re at all interested, check out the Samples at http://sims3sample.blogspot.com. I’m grinding toward the end of Gen 3, and like most Sims legacies, the first generation was a learning experience.)

      • Haha, Susie Sample! I love it! I also feel your pain with originally getting into the swing of the whole Legacy business. It is so bizarre to see the father of my legacy kids with some other woman…oh wait. Maybe not, since she DID take him from two different women. That Connor certainly does seem to get around…

        I’m really enjoying reading your legacy, although I’m very perplexed by blogspot. I especially liked the part where all Connor would do is write (for January, he wouldn’t even do that; it was just read, read, read the whole time…usually that innocuous Preggers book, of all things…), and your description of Jared. 🙂

    • Aw, thanks so much!! I try to get better with pictures later on, but I’m afraid it still isn’t something I’m very good at. I don’t know if Connor is naughty or just sort of ambivalent…once January finally got him, all he ever did was read. Hard to imagine him as such a heartbreaker. 😉

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